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We have drawn up some rules to ensure that all matches on the ZOMERCOMPETITIE football are fun and sporty for everyone. The basis of these rules is a combination between field and indoor football, supplemented with rules initiated by ourselves and the players. If you have any comments or suggestions about our rules, let us know!

Rules ZOMERCOMPETITIE football - Women Only

Field and general rules

• A match lasts 2 x 25 minutes
• The match is played on artificial grass
• A team has 5 field players and a goalkeeper


• You can change players unlimited, but only on the center line
• Some physical contact is allowed (such as a fair shoulder duel), but slidings and tackles are prohibited!
• The keeper is part of the game; so there is no time limit if the goalkeeper has the ball at his foot
• The goalkeeper may play the ball with his hands over the entire width of the field up to the first pawn.
• A penalty is only given in case of denial of a (almost certain) goal situation and 9 steps from the goal is taken. This is determined by the referee.
• With a free kick, directly or indirectly, the opponents remain 5 steps away from where the ball is taken. This is determined by the referee
• The goalkeeper does not take a goal kick, but puts the ball into play by hand
• A ball passing over the sideline is kicked in, not thrown in
• A ball against the post of the big fixed goal on the sideline is out!


• A no-show is automatically a 5-0 loss and possible disqualification
• With an equal number of points, the goal difference is decisive, then goals scored and after that the mutual result