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In order to keep all matched on the ZOMERCOMPETITIE hockey fun and exciting for everyone, we created some rules to ensure all matches follow protocol. The principles of these rules are a combination between field hockey and indoor hockey, supplemented with rules initiated by ourselves and the players. If you have any comments or suggestions concerning our rules, please let us know! 


  • 6 vs 6
  • Playing field dimensions 30m x 50m (1/3 field)
  • 2 x 25 minutes
  • No goal keeper
  • Minimum 2 men and 2 women in the field
  • Unlimited exchange > from the side, midway through the field
  • Hitting is NOT allowed
  • 'Flatsen' is allowed if not dangerous
  • Ball may be (limited) high if not dangerous (no scoop!)
  • Scoring is only allowed within the 10 meter line
  • Ball via defense over the back line is a free-attacking party on a 10-meter line where the ball went over the back (long corner)
  • A no-show is an automatic 5-0 loss and possible disqualification!
  • In case of equal number of points in the group, the goal difference is decisive, then the number of goals scored and then mutual result
  • Cancellation or request for a match to be rescheduled must be submitted to the organization at least 24 hours before the start: rotterdam@zomercompetitie.com
  • Respect our referees and each other!

    We would like to point out to all players that everyone takes his / her belongings, empty bottles and other junk from the field, so that everything can be returned neatly.