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Corporate hockey Rotterdam

The EY VODW ZOMERCOMPETITIE (ZC) Hockey Rotterdam is being organized for the 3rd time this summer. The ZC is the largest and most fun corporate hockey competition in the Netherlands. At the RHV Leonidas hockey club in the beautiful Kralingen district, the ZC will settle for the 2nd edition of the nicest corporate hockey competition in Rotterdam. Both in Amsterdam and in Utrecht the ZC is indispensable in the sporting calendar of many companies; of course we also aim for this for Rotterdam! In the months of June to the beginning of August 2020, corporate Rotterdam will compete for who may call himself the winner of the 3rd edition of the Rotterdam ZC. Can your company dethrone the men and women of Deloitte Audit? After the physical exertion you can enjoy the sun and all the competitions of the ZC while enjoying a drink. In addition, the ZC is a unique place for informal networking; every match day all teams come together for the "3rd half". In addition to hockey, the ZC also offers numerous extras such as pub quiz, tasting, etc. In short, a great way to spend your summer sporting and fun!

Due to COVID-19 the ZOMERCOMPETITIE is shortened. We play from July 14 to August 13 in a 'Coronaproof' environment; all guidelines of the government and the RIVM are strictly followed.

Details EY VODW Zomercompetitie
● Format is 6 to 6
● Location: RHV Leonidas
● Period: July 16 to August 13
● Thursday
● 5-7 matches per team
● BBQ/Buffet during the final day
● Unique network location
● Play times: between 6.30 p.m. and 10 p.m.
● Promotes team spirit
● Entertainment such as pub quiz, tastings, cocktail bar, etc.
● A sporty and sustainable image for your organization
● Coronaproof terrace
● Cost per team: € 795,00 (excl. VAT)