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Corporate Football Amsterdam

For the 14th time, the football Zomercompetitie is being organized again at AFC. The Zomercompetitie is the largest and most fun corporate football competition in the Netherlands. In the middle of the heart of Amsterdam's financial center (the Zuidas), the Zomercompetitie is now indispensable in the sporting calendar of more than 100 companies. In the months of June and July, corporate Amsterdam will compete for who can call themselves the winner of the 14th edition of the Zomercompetitie. You play in different pool phases on Tuesday or Thursday evenings; depending on the strength and preferences of your team. Apart from the sporting aspect, we provide the opportunity to expand your business network and we offer you entertainment; for example, a DJ is present on all match days, as a team you can participate in the - in the meantime - notorious pub quiz, we have tastings and a BBQ. And of course you can enjoy the sun while enjoying a drink and all the matches of the ZC. In short, the Zomercompetitie is more than just sport!

Due to COVID-19 the ZOMERCOMPETITIE is shortened. We play from July 14 to August 13 in a 'Coronaproof' environment; all guidelines of the government and the RIVM are strictly followed.

● Format is 6 to 6
● Location: AFC
● Period: July 14 - August 13
● Tuesday - Thursday
● 5-7 matches per team
● BBQ/Buffet during the final day
● Unique network location
● Play times: between 6.30 p.m. and 10 p.m.
● Promotes team spirit
● If possible: Entertainment such as pub quiz, tastings, etc.
● A sporty and sustainable image for your organization
● DJ every day
Coronaproof terrace
● Cost per team: € 895,00 (excl. VAT)