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Corporate Sport Events connects (corporate) businesses in the Netherlands in an informal way through sports, professional networking, and entertainment. It’s not without reason that we proudly use the motto “More than just sport!”. We organize the business leagues in field hockey and football for corporate teams three seasons; in spring there’s the Lentecompetitie, in summer the Zomercompetitie, and in autumn the Herfstcompetitie.


Playing sports is good for your well-being and exercising with colleagues influences employees and the overall work environment at the office in a positive way. Teams formed from a professional target group provide a different atmosphere both on and off the field than in a regular competition. Therefore, we use sport as the ‘coat rack’ of our core business and we ‘hang’ a range of activities around it. The general atmosphere and setting (partly due to activities such as the pub quiz, tastings, BBQ and massive closing event) ensure informal networking. Also our interactive team websites provide professional development.


The Zomercompetitie started in 2007 as a one-off football event with corporate teams from the financial heart of Amsterdam: AFC on the Zuidas. The first participants were, among others, Kennedy van der Laan, Stibbe, ING en Kempen & Co. The event wasn’t initially intended as an annual football competition for companies. However, the enthusiasm of all the teams and the demand of these companies for a second edition, led us to grow the Zomercompetitie each year. Now, we offer 2 sports (corporate football & corporate hockey), during 3 seasons (spring, summer, and autumn), in 5 cities (Amsterdam (2007), The Hague (2020), Eindhoven (2020), Rotterdam (2017) and Utrecht (2016) with over 300 participating teams!

Maarten Tuininga

Maarten Tuininga

Philippine Wouters

Philippine Wouters

Overall organisatie
Silke Mulder

Silke Mulder

Hockey Amsterdam
Thom Bentinck

Thom Bentinck

Hockey Amsterdam


Maarten Tuininga
Owner & overall organisation
info@zomercompetitie.com // 06-38824408

Philippine Wouters
Marketing, Sales & overall organisation
philippine@zomercompetitie.com // 06-43208333

City Managers


Jan Tooroplaan 46, 1182 AE Amstelveen
contact: hockey@zomercompetitie.com
Football & Women Only
De Boelelaan 50, 1082 LR Amsterdam
contact: info@zomercompetitie.com | womenonly@zomercompetitie.com


RHV Leonidas
Toepad 95, 3063 NJ Rotterdam
contact: rotterdam@zomercompetitie.com
S.B.V. Excelsior
Honingerdijk 110, 3062 NX Rotterdam
contact: rotterdam@zomercompetitie.com


Hockey & Football
Laan van Maarschalkerweerd 14, 3585 LJ Utrecht
contact: utrecht@zomercompetitie.com